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NOTE: The Eclipse 1 product line reached End of Life on 1 January 2019, and has been replaced by the Eclipse 2. Contact RF Technology for more information.

General Information



Eclipse brochure.pdf Eclipse equipment colour brochure (1060K)
Spec Sheet.pdf 2 Pages condensed Eclipse specifications (100k)  16/06/2003
tm p1-12 specs.pdf Training manual pages 1-12    (318K) Specs
tm p13-18 blocks.PDF Training manual pages 13-18  (431K) Blocks
tm p19-25 jumpers.PDF Training manual pages 19-25  (1276K) Jumpers
tm p26-28 alarms.PDF Training manual pages 26-28  (51K) Alarms
Repeater wiring.pdf Repeater Audio & Control Connections (84K)
Rack i-o pcb.pdf Rear rack frame pcb input/output connections (203K)
Rack_assy_instruct.pdf Rack frame assembly instructions (57K)
JUMPERS.pdf Receiver & Exciter Jumper Links description & location (40K)
Eclipse Diagnostics Software
sm2k_v2.2.3.exe ServiceMonitor 2000 v2.2.3 (458K) Program install file
TM Service Monitor.pdf Training manual - Service Monitor software  (644K)
WinTekHelp_manual.pdf Manual for WinTekHelp software-Series 50 LB VHF (1174K)
Engineering Bulletins
EB0009.pdf Modifications for 2.5KHz step frequencies in Series 150 (15K)
EB0401.pdf Extra Jumper links added in new revision boards (15K)
EB0402.pdf Series 50 irregular power supply reset (61K)
EB0403.pdf Series 50 Exciter & PA Reverse power threshold setting (183K)
EB0404.pdf Firmware update for 9176 DCS/CTCSS (354K). Read with EB0502 (354K)
EB0405.pdf Eclipse TX Substrate crack in Mitsubishi RF Power modules (371K)
EB0501.pdf Reduce Audio Distortion in STG-1 v2 (50K)
EB0502.pdf Further Firmware update for 9176 DCS/CTCSS (140K).  Receiver-059115V10 and Transmitter-059103V12
EB0503.pdf T150 DMTX - OCXO Option for simulcast applications (19K) (2.0KHz Deviation only)
EB0601.pdf T150, T500 with Mitsubishi RA30 series power modules Overshooting power level (22K)
EB0602.pdf Cross reference table for Mitsubishi power modules and driver board versions for Exciters (92K)
EB0603.pdf R50 Firmware upgrade (20K)
EB0604.pdf Battery Charger/Change over Faulty relay (23K)
DB9 serial cable.pdf Comms Cable for PC serial port  (11K)
BCCO Manual.pdf Battery Charger Change Over card  (1442K)
ATI Manual.pdf Combined Alarms & Trunking Interface  (1418K)
HBTimer.pdf Heart Beat timer  (158K)
Fan Control.PDF Fan Module  (79K)
Ext_Reference.pdf External Reference Card  (247K)
DMTX_Manual.pdf Exciter Data Interface manual & schematic (1272K)
DMRX_Manual.pdf Receiver Data Interface manual (178K)
HSS Manual.pdf Hot Standby Switch (412K)
SSASU-1.pdf Solid State Antenna Switch Unit (214K)
STG-1.pdf Status Tone Generator for Voting Receiver (515K)
PS12 Power Supply.pdf Linear Power Supply manual (378K)
SMPS12.pdf Switch Mode Power Supply manual (371K)
VTE manual.pdf Voting/ Glide Tone Encoder (288K)
KTD manual.pdf Keytone Decoder (172K)
1U Low profile Repeater / Voting Receiver
1U lp repeater.pdf 1U Low Profile Repeater photos (616K)
1U brochure.pdf 1U Low Profile Repeater specification (115K)
1U adaptor.pdf 1U Adaptor for Low Profile Repeater - DB37 connector  (133K)
Repeater 1UTP.pdf 1U Repeater connections with External Tone Panel  (8K)
Voting Receiver 1U.pdf 1U Voting Receiver with Status Tone Generator (144K)
Interfacing with Controllers
Z640-Eclipse TX.pdf Zetron 640 Paging Terminal to DMTX fitted Exciter (9K)
Fylde.pdf Configure ATI to suit Fylde MPT Controller (58K)
TMS-NTS cable.pdf Trident NTS Passport Controller to Eclipse Repeaters  (403K)
ZETRON42.pdf Zetron Model 42 LTR Controller connections (8K)
Zetron42-ATI.pdf Configure ATI to suit Zetron Model 42 LTR Controller (233K)
ZETRON827.pdf Zetron Model 827 MPT Controller connections (8K)
Eclipse operation manuals & schematics
Manual R500.pdf UHF Receiver R350-R500 Manual & Schematic  (1380K)
Manual T500.pdf UHF Transmitter T350-T500 Manual & Schematic  (1375K)
Manual PA500.pdf UHF Power Amplifier PA500 (50W) Manual & Sch. (1372K)
Manual PA501.pdf UHF Power Amplifier PA501 (100W) Manual & Sch. (741K)
Manual R70-150.pdf VHF Receiver R70-R150 Manual & Schematic (1356K)
Manual T70-150.pdf VHF Transmitter T70-T150 Manual & Schematic (1484K)
Manual PA70.pdf VHF Power Amplifier PA70 Manual & Schematic (318K)
Manual PA150.pdf VHF Power Amplifier PA150 Manual & Schematic (656K)
Manual R220.pdf VHF Receiver R220 Manual & Schematic (670K)
Manual T220.pdf VHF Transmitter T220 Manual & Schematic (601K)
Manual PA220.pdf VHF Power Amplifier PA220 Manual & Schematic (467K)
Manual R800.pdf UHF Receiver R800 Manual & Schematic  (600K)
Manual T800.pdf UHF Transmitter T800 Manual & Schematic  (659K)
Manual R50.pdf Low Band VHF Receiver R50 Manual & Schematic (1577K)
Manual T50.pdf Low Band VHF Transmitter T50 Manual & Schematic (741K)
Manual PA50.pdf Low Band VHF P. Amplifier PA50 Manual & Schematic (201K)


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